Which issues are affecting you and your family? Is it jobs and the economy? Cost and quality of education? High taxes? Ever-expanding government regulations and restrictions? Reduced freedoms and less privacy? Property rights? I'd like to hear from you.

Government Spending

State spending continues to increase. During the 2011/12 legislature the Republican majority lived up to its promise of fiscal responsibility -- maintaining essential state services without adding more debt and deficit spending. They actually cut the budget, saving taxpayers more than $1,000,000,000.

Jobs & the Economy

For the economy to flourish in New Hampshire, small businesses and entrepreneurs must be free to innovate, expand, and take risks without so many burdensome taxes, regulations, license fees, and government bureaucracy. Taxes and excessive governmental controls kill the small businesses that provide jobs.

Granite Staters are resourceful. They don’t need government’s help; they want government to get out of the way!


Property taxes are high and continue to rise. Many schools and SAUs have expensive administrative and overhead costs that don’t directly contribute to educating students.

Giving parents and students more choices in learning will deliver better service at a lower cost. When public, private, and charter schools are allowed (and encouraged) to compete, the result is better educational outcomes for all. Let’s free our schools from onerous top-down, one-size-fits-all regulations, and let teachers and principals, as well as parents and students, do what they do best at the local level.


Demands for protection of rivers, streams, and woodlands must be balanced with private property rights and recreational use, as well as the needs of travel and tourism. Thoughtful consideration must always be given to the need for energy resources for New Hampshire families.

As an outdoors enthusiast, I enjoy all the natural beauty that the Granite State offers. I understand that nature itself doesn’t reign supreme over the everyday needs for the transportation, housing, and jobs that contribute to your quality of life.

I will always fight to support your rights!

  • Keep more of what you earn and to trade freely
  • 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms
  • Constitutional rights and state sovereignty
  • Fewer government mandates and more local control
  • Personal liberty and privacy protections
  • Private property rights

If you’d like to chat about these or other issues that are important to you, please contact me. Thank you.